Dr. Damien Garcia

Dr. Damien Garcia DDS has been a Dentist in the Rio Grande Valley for over three years. He enjoys helping his patients and gets great personal satisfaction from his practice.  Dr. Garcia chose dentistry to help people. He especially enjoys the artistic “hands-on” aspect of his work and loves the instant results that can be obtained in just one dental visit.

Dr. Damien believes that Dentists provide a valuable service to the community. He describes his work as “interesting and challenging” and he values the trust, appreciation and respect of every patient.


Dr. Lisa Gortari

Dentist Anesthesiologist

Diplomat, ADBA

When Dr. Lisa Gortari chose Dentistry as a profession, she knew she wanted to have a positive affect on other people’s lives. After dental school she wanted to continue learning. She chose anesthesia because she strongly believes that there is a need for anesthesia for children, people with special needs and people with anxiety. “I don’t think someone’s perception of dental care should prevent anyone from having access to dental treatment.”
She hopes to have a family some day and has great empathy for parents whose children have a difficult time during dental visits.

Dr. Gortari is a diplomate of American Dental Board of Anesthesiologists. This is the highest level of achievement for anesthesia providers in the dental field.


Johana Tijerina

Registered Dental Assistant

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Jennifer Villarreal

Office Manager


Priscilla Roman

Registered Dental Assistant


Belinda Martinez

Registered Dental Assistant


Rebecca Avalos



Lexi Kailipaka

Registered Dental Hygienist