Children are not just small adults. They are not always able to be patient and cooperative during a dental exam. Children should see the dentist prior to their first birthday to check that the teeth are erupting properly, provide nutritional guidance, and check the intraoral cavity.  At Oasis Family Dental, we strive to provide a comfortable environment for the entire family, including children of all ages and maturity levels.  Our goal is to teach children at a young age that their dental visit should be a positive experience.  We want to focus on prevention and good oral hygiene habits for our pediatric patients to prevent tooth decay.   Our doctors are experienced working with children.  At Oasis Family Dental, we try to avoid “traumatizing” young patients which creates a negative attitude and fear for future dental care.  We take our time in working with children to ensure a positive experience.  We also have options for sedation including nitrous oxide or laughing gas, and sedation and general anesthesia.  Our dental anesthesiologist Dr. Gortari provides anesthesia services for children who are too young to cooperate or have extensive treatment requirements that they are unable to tolerate.

A young person’s growing teeth have deep pits and fissures that almost always collect food and bacteria. Because the pits are so deep often a toothbrush or even a dental pick cannot reach the trapped food and a cavity develops. Sealants can fill the deep pits and keep the tooth surface cavity free. They are placed without drilling, without a shot and in a single visit. They are an easy cost effective way for children to be cavity free! Sealants also can be used in our adult patients to help prevent dental decay.